Going with the Gut Feeling


If you choose the warrior path (is that like the thug life? And it chooses you??), it can be rather dualistic. You sometimes have to do harm, to protect. You sacrifice thins of your own, for the good of community, and strangely enough, you need to be both intellectual (strategy, tactics) and intuitive (go with the gut) with your decisions.


If you talk to someone who is a soldier, LEO, or has worked security they will tell you that they spend time studying their objectives, but that they sometimes will also change plans on a hunch.  This is what going with the gut is all about. You get an itch, or a feeling, or a shiver, that something is not right. You can’t explain it, and a lot of the time, it does not matter, but every now and again, you avoid something, due to this niggling feeling.


So what is it? Ahh that could fill a philosophical dissertation, and not touch what it might be. So I shall only talk about what it is for me. I feel (thus this makes this a unverifiable personal gnosis, or UPG, and more on this later) that this is the Gods prodding you.

“Hey something is not right here nudge nudge”


I’ve experienced this, not in my “day job” science can’t function on gut. Oh your gut will tell you it’s not right, science requires proof.


But science is not every day life. It is very important, hell I feel I do a great deal of good, making the next generation of pharmaceuticals for clients. But come now who here needs to know how to deal with hundreds of litres of Hydrofluoric acid on a daily basis? No? Thought not J


But as I said, I have had those gut feelings. That someone is lying. Oh they are believable, credible, but my cut cries “liar”. I’ve been in parts of town is sizable urban areas, walking with my dog (at the time a sizable newfoundland/Boarder Collie cross) and decided to get out of where we were. Again another time, we were in a fairly rural dog park, and we both were “something is off”, we got out. There apparently was a bear just out of hibernation in the area. These are just a few mundane experiences, but it can be a spiritual “do not want” as well.


So for a warrior this is a skill that is invaluable. Despite my cerebral nature, I’ve cultivated that side, and listen to it.


So I mentioned UPG, and that I would talk to it. Here goes. Forgive the amateur linguistics…


Gnosis, it is a greek word. We get the term gnostic from this, but the words ignorant and agnostic  can be traced through this word as well, and slightly more indirectly Knowledge.


But what does it mean?


Gnosis  is a feminine Greek noun, which means personal (or spiritual) knowledge. There is a term for intellectual (learned) knowledge as well eidein (which the word idea may be traced from). So gnosis is a belief you have, eidein is something you can (hopefully) prove.

May pagans will throw around (like an insult for some reason) UPG: Unverifiable Personal Gnosis. Now there are shared gnoses,, there are possibly even verified ones (they are called confirmed gnoses, and they have been “confirmed” in lore. Now I also say “like and insult” which is a little unusual, as anything spiritual is a gnosis on some level. In all honesty I am wary of people who claim they are gnoses free, even atheists (they still cannot prove that there are no gods, and I say this as an ally to them). So saying “Oh that is UPG” is like saying to a scientist “oh that is just a rough draft of a paper” when it is unpublished 😉


So try going with your gut feeling, see what happens 🙂