I have been watching this, as a curious onlooker, as well this is not quite how I do my spirituality. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just not my bag, to use a commonwealth colloquialism 😉


First let me state, I am putting my natural scepticism, and cynicism aside, and assuming all what I am about to describe (next couple of paragraphs, prior to the divination of mine) is not an elaborate ruse, a method of control, or something else less than pure.


So what happened was a small group of individuals had what can only be called a shared gnosis, they have called it The Spirit of ADF, and much of the story is detailed here.


Now what is this story doing in my warrior blog? Well the story has set my “gut reaction” off, and how. People in ADF are sharing their divinations on this whole thing, I felt I would too. I use ogam, and I use the five feda cauldron and tree layout which Erryn Rowan Laurie has made popular amongst many of us who are Celtic Recons. (1) I do this to see if my “gut reaction” is reasonable, or if it is just my natural distrust of certain individuals.


Lets see where we go….


First I draw three feda, one each to represent the three Cauldrons of Posey. Coire Goriath,(the Cauldron of Warming, the physical manifestations of what is going on), Coire Ermai, (the Cauldron of Vocation or Motion, the emotions of the situation). Lastly Coire Sois, (the Cauldron of Knowledge or of Wisdom, the intellectual and spiritual things going on). These are linked through the world tree (the forth fid drawn), and the path forward is the fifth fid.


So without futher ado, my reading….

Coire Sois: huath                   The Path forward: Ruis

Coire Ermai: straif                 The World Tree:  Ngetal

Coire Goriath: Lus




Now to interpret this, I will add that with all divination, subjectivity is hard. But I am going to try and edit myself out of what I see …. Yeah right J


The question is: What does this whole “Spirit of ADF” gnosis represent?

Coire Goriath: Deals with things in the physical world, this can also be called chthonic energy in this sense. It can also be seen as pertaining to the past in some instances. Lus is the ogam pulled, and for this position in the layout, it would indicate that something to do with food , sustenance, and the healing of animals.

Coire Ermai: Deals with the emotional world, and could be called oceanic energy. It might also be seen as the present in certain situations. Straif was drawn, and in this position it deals with alchemy, psychological, and spiritual things being in flux. It indicates change is happening or about to happen

Coire Sois: Deals with the spiritual world, this could be called Celestial energy, and might be seen to be dealing with things yet to come. I drew huath. Now before I continue, I have a long history with this ogam, it often appears in my divinations, and to many people it is an unfavourable thing to draw. Thankfully in this position it is not as harsh. In this position it deals with feelings of loneliness and abandonment.

The World Tree:  This is the fid which deals with the linking of the “three cauldrons” together. I drew Ngetal, it is most commonly associated with healing, in this case I associate it with the “health of ADF”.  Thus all the previous fid, deal with the health of my church.


Lastly; The Path forward: This is the crux of the matter, where is this leading us. I drew Ruis. This is a fid of passion, and for group situations this can imply that due to a fear of loss (of control), difficult interactions will happen.


Ok so that is a mixed bag. Welcome to divination 😉 This layout tells me a story, that in the past ADF (as an entity, dare I say animal …?) has needed to be feed to keep going, and that ADF is undergoing a time of change, things are in flux. What it represents for the future is that ADF may enter into a time of loneliness and abandonment for some. This entire situation is tied to the health of the “beast” (ADF being the beast). Where this leads is interesting. It appears (to me) that the spirit of ADF is tied to fear of loss of control. Now whom that fear is from is a good question. Is it the mother grove? Is it another group (I will call it a sect and be damned) with in ADF? Perhaps it is the membership of ADF as a whole? Not that you ever have control in that sort of position?


So to me, my gut feeling is somewhat borne out, something is going on, with the “Spirit of ADF”. It bears watching.


NOTE: Looking back, I wonder if the Huath fid was actually a portent of where I have come too in ADF. Its as if it was warning me that I was coming to a place where I (me, Gareth, Noinden) would feel alone, and abandoned with in ADF? It seems so. The Spirit of ADF for me was indeed bound, and they freed the wrong one!

  • Laurie, E. R. , Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom “Cauldron and Tree Layout”.

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