When I do divination, I tend to work exclusively with the Ogam (or if you prefer modern Irish, the Ogham). Those of us who divine, usually have a member of our divination method, which is a regular visitor to our work.

For me this is the fid (letter) hÚath. To many this is an unsettling result. this would be because the keywords associated with this ogam are terror and despair. In the very least this is a herald of some bumps in the road ahead.

If one had this result “following them around” I imagine it could give some people, a bit of a feeling of persecution. However there is another way to interpret this. Fear (terror) can be used to our own advantage. Fear can protect us, fear warns us of things to be well fearful of (say a venomous creature that is being aggressive towards us, or someone threatening us with a weapon). To resist fear, we don’t act with out thought.

All of these are aspects of being a warrior. Resist fear, conquer despair, be prepared for problems.