Honored dead (Pets)


I thought about you today....


I’ve choosen to make a blog entry (a living entry I hope). To honor the animals who have passed from my life.


This is in order of death (I think)


Jason. Beloved Dog of my mothers. For the first 12 years of my life you were sometimes my only friend.


Heinrich. Beloved dog of my mothers. You died after only 6 years. You passed with dignity, and honor.


Raudi. The soul of the Thomas family. When you passed, I don’t think we were ever the same again. I remember the day you arrived from the UK. I held you as they put you down.


Til. While my mothers dog, you were MY dog in most ways. You died three days before I finished my thesis. When people asked what it felt like to finish it? I have no idea. You were more important to me.


Bear. The soul of my wife’s family. You died too soon. I wonder if it chased your mother (my mother in law) back to the USA?


Ollie. My mothers Dog. Smartest damned dog I have ever met. The day you died (too soon) I was dozing on a drive back from Thanksgiving in South Carolina, and you visited a dream. My wife said I was talking in it. I awoke to a call from my family in New Zealand to mention you had passed.


Strauss. Gentle and skittish. I wish I knew you more. I held you as they helped you pass.


Johan. Confused, and needing understanding. My grandmothers dementia contributed to your attitude, as did another family members “life crisis”. I wish I’d been there when you went.


Jynx. You have your entry. But you my old Vam-purr. Made me love cats. You saved my mind with Moxie I think. When I held you, and said go raibh maith agat (thank you in irish) over and over again….


I feel the following animals have passed, but I have no proof (just logic).

Ed. My father in law’s  Huntaway dog. You helped me adjust to marriage before we went to the USA. I wish you’d been mine.


Bits (litte bits). Demon cat of the in-laws… I liked you.


Fric and Frac …. Jokester cats of the inlaws. I liked you too.


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