Something just stuck its head over the parapet.

So in the wake of the last post…. Enemies worth fighting.


Well a bunch of them reared their heads in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. As most of you know, a White Nationalist protest (it was a Nazi Rally folks, don’t fucking mince words) got out of hand. One of the protesters (and yes he was!) ploughed his car into a crowd of counter protestors, killing a 34 year old woman.


Anyone who knows me even a little knows, that due to the circumstances of my upbringing, I’ve a lack of tolerance towards bullies. I’ve always found the extremes of the political spectrum (yes in both directions) to be filled with bullies. I hate (and I mean that word) the White nationalist movement! But I also loathe the far far left, who think it is ok to shame and bully (and yes use violence) people into their way of thinking. So I was not shocked at the turn of events in Virginia. I’d been waiting for it. Not in anticipation, no. But in dread. The Anti-fascists (Anti-Fa) had been gunning for this confrontation. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves.


Now the wish to do battle, I’m actually all behind. I wish the Alt-Right and Far left had picked a field somewhere, and just hashed it out. Though I suspect the Alt-right would have cheated and brought guns, and eventually hit someone…. While the left would have been lobbing flaming solvent bombs back at them. What we had was a counter protest, with people not on the extreme of the political spectrum involved. This has always been my problem with protests. That they are prone to turn uglier than those who are involved might want. IF sign up for it, and you are ok with it, fine. But I know a great many people think they are only in for a peaceful protest …. 90% of the time they are right. But that 10%? Yeah. I know this is coloured by the 1981 Springbok tour of New Zealand.


Anyhow back to point.


The fact that the far right was first to resort to violence here, demonstrates why they are an enemy worth fighting. The counter protest was one of words. Ones full of vitriol I am sure. BUT just words. A member of the far right (yes he was) used his car as a weapon, causing the death of a protestor. The far right blinked first. They have now shown their hand. They are willing to use extreme violence, to silence the freedom of speech. Because it “hurts their sensibilities”. Hence as far as I am concerned, they are labelled as “enemy”, and thus should be treated as such. All niceties should be withdrawn.


Game on guys 🙂


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