Recently I posted about people pretending to be what they are not. Well the story moves onto another thing I’ve posted about in my old blog: Leadership not dealing well with criticism.


The Pagan Alliance New Zealand (or more accurately the current incarnation, as their have been many, they all disintegrate) took exception to their “elder” one Gohdi Odsinsclan, having his credentials being questioned. As per my last post.


The upshot of the last post, is when I reached out to a local pagan, who I’ve known for around 20 years, it was made abundantly clear, the meat and onion packages are not the work of any known local pagans, and they resent some outsider (one Godhi Odinsclan) speaking for them. They don’t know him.


However Godhi when questioned as to his ability to speak to the event, was very defensive I am told, and went on the attack, by banning anyone who questioned him from PANZ.


The behaviour this blog entry is about, is the behaviour of a leader (or leaders) who will not allow themselves to be questioned. Now this is not just associated with PANZ, ADF exhibits this, as does Circle Sanctuary. This is behaviour, of a kind that should raise flags, big vivid red flags!


Your leadership, should be open to having their behaviour questioned. After all they represent you, and make decisions that apply to you. If they wish to run a dictatorship, then they should be willing to suffer the fate of dictators. Being overthrown, when their behaviour is such that it is intolerable by the masses.

My membership in ADF has run out. :D



So my membership to Ár nDraíocht Féin expired about a day ago, and I’m feeling much happier spiritually. I’m no longer beholden to an organization run by people that is dead set against change. I have found a new “home” though I am not revealing that quite yet.


However I’ve had some suspicions about people reinforced:


  • When an organization asks for feedback as to why you are leaving, that don’t mean it. They want to either encourage you back, or they want you not to mention it. If you take the opportunity you are “scathing”. I’m not the first to discover this about the current Mother Grove, nor will I be the last.
  • Loyalty is really not what it used to be. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of people whom I consider good friends who are still in ADF (Looking at you Robert Lewis), but for the majority, if you are leaving, you are no longer important.
  • Isaacs Dream ® is like the American Dream ™, it is amorphous and can be defined to suit the person who wants to use it for their own purposes.

I actually feel that I am now freed from obligations to the organization. This is not a threat, I’m not on a vendetta against them. I am not however “sworn to secrecy” anymore either over a number of things. So if asked specific questions, I might answer.


Where does this leave me?
(1) As I said, I have a new spiritual home (many may even guess where I am now encamped).

(2) I will not tolerate being “dragged into” drama associated with my old spiritual home.

(3) I will also not be used as a weapon against them.


Anyway that is where I am today. Free of an organization, which could do with a visit to the doctor.