Passive agressive blog post, the reply (you know who you are)

I’ve noticed a trend lately. That many people (of all ages) who are willing to start a fight for some cause or another, are actually incapable of doing so in a constructive manner. More so, they are unwilling to justify their actions. I’m not really sure when that changed, but if I were to hazard a guess, the advent of near instantaneous communication, has rendered many of us, incapable of forming an argument.


Recently someone close to me (akin to family) did something which I can only consider to be counter productive to their own wellbeing. They went to start a fight, in their place of work. When their manager pretty much disarmed them, they quit. Despite the situation being one where growth could be had.


So assuming the person who I am talking about this reads this (I know someone from an appropriate IP reads this), here are some learnings to take away from this situation (which I’ve kept vague).


  • Only you are responsible for your own comfort in non hazardous situations. If something makes you uncomfortable, the first thing to review would be, what does this say about me?
  • Over reaction is more harmful than inaction.


  • Running away from a situation can only work so many times. If it also results in the burning of bridges after salting the earth, people will remember.

When someone offers you constructive advice, the correct response is NOT to be snide, nor is ti to vague blog. Because to be honest. This is my response to your vague blog. You reacted wrongly, and you are making a habit of running away from responsibility.