Let the Bodies hit the floor…..

It’s a strange fact of the world of spiritual warriorship, that it will attract more bullshit artists than the world of “just fighting”.


What do I mean by that? Well if you enter into a gym, where any fighting art, that is not spiritually directed, say boxing, or wrestling. You will find very few people who lie about their achievements. This is mainly due to the fact, that they can ask you to step into the ring with them and quickly see if you are full of it or not.


But add a spiritual aspect to this. Many of the Eastern Traditional Martial Arts (TMAs), and suddenly you find an area full of liars. Suddenly people will claim a black belt, with multiple dan. Add in that they’ve trained all sorts of army groups (lets ignore that most militaries don’t train in TMA (as they are not applicable to the battlefield). Pick the right TMA and suddenly you might introduce mystical aspects like Chi, or Dim mak. Students suddenly roleplay with “sensi” to make them look like they are the most lethal creatures on the planet. Never mind that it is totally apparent that is roleplay.


Now, lets get this straight. As a Pagan, I believe in magic (kind of). But these are individuals who are clearly not being honest. They make their demonstrations look like a faith healing session, but a evangelical grifter.


There is something about spirituality and martial arts (or faith healing) and the bullshit begins to fly. Ego or purse size takes over. Someone actually wanting to better themselves, would not act that way.

So what to do? Thats a hard one. Challenging them on their lies, generally leads to harsh words and threats, and well in todays world Doxing. Yep these enlightened individuals, will go after you, to expose you, to be vindicated.

Shinning a light on the cockroaches.

In the aftermath of the Terrorist attack on the Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, I have spent a great deal of time, looking at how pervasive the racist and far right element is in New Zealand Paganism. Why might you ask? Because of the support that these scum have given the terrorist. We will give these scum a name. Folkish (or Völkisch) Pagans. These people are nothing more than the dregs of society, not the noble warriors they claim to be.


The Völkisch movement of the 19th and early 20th century was an initially romantic movement, that focused on the “ethnic group” (the folk), but it soon grew to be ethnonationalist, and ethno-racialist. The idea fell out of favour after the conclusion of the Second World War, for obvious reasons, but began to be reborn in the late 1970s and 1980s in the form of the Neo-Völkisch movements. These movements included Nazi Satanism, the Identarian movement in Christianity, and Paganism most notably but not exclusively Germanic Heathenry. There is also a New Age movement (the Tempelhofgesellschaft) which tries to teach that the Aryan Race were aliens. Many of these groups have links to Ecofascism, and other far right ideologies.


The Australian man who perpetuated the vile attack, used Northern Germanic (Scandinavian) and Nazi symbology in both his assault gear, and his manifesto, specifically painting Runes on his tactical gear, using the Schwarze Sonne (The black sun, a purely Nazi symbol, not a pagan one). And saying that he would go to Valhalla (one of the possible fates a Northern Germanic Warrior might have if they died in battle) , if he died during his attack. In his manifesto, he identified as an EcoFascist. Certain members of the Heathen movement in New Zealand refused to condemn him, and in the case of a couple they praised him. Most of these were centred around Christchurch and were open members of the Asatru Folk Assembly (the AFA), who are recognised as a hate organization. Much to my distress there was also a sizable collection in the Wellington Region.


The question would be, why did I go looking into what was out there? Do I want to deny these individuals the right to have these ideas? No, indeed not. I staunchly want them to have the freedom to express (verbally) what they think. So, they can face the consequences of these antisocial, views. While I will talk about consequences more later in this blog, one consequence, is my right to not associate with them.


Do I want them locked up? No, if they do not break the law, they can walk free. But again I do want to know who they are, where they are, and act accordingly to not associate with them.


Seeing a theme? You should. The theme is one of not allowing these individuals a platform. This includes not persecuting them if they don’t act. Don’t martyr them. Quite literally this is what they want. They want to be persecuted and have more flock to their banner.


So what do they believe? I’m going to use broad brush strokes here, because books have been written on their toxic philosophies. (1) But generally you will find many of the following


  • That all their philosophies mirror what their chosen ancestral group practiced.
  • In that, they believe that there are different races, and they hold different physical characteristics.
  • Extreme Tribalism. In that you must belong to the tribe of race to partake in their spiritual and cultural practices.
  • Most believe that one race is superior to the rest. Thus we enter racism.
  • Racial separatism. In that all the different races should not be mixing together.
  • That modern society is sick and degenerate
  • Homophobia
  • Misogyny
  • Anti Government rhetoric
  • Survivalist
  • Apocalyptic mindset

That’s just a sampling of the philosophy. But lets look at some of these:


  • Racialism, is scientifically unfounded. You do not find evidence of the races (as defined prior to knowledge of DNA, and the heritability contained therein) being grossly different. In the past skin colour, and what amounts to phrenology was applied to distinguish different groups of humanity from each other. (2)
  • Racialism is a gateway drug to racism. This is evidenced by the fact that I’ve yet to meet one of these individuals who is not racist, and stopped at racialism. I’ve seen it progress, so I know many start out with the misbegotten belief of races, but if they keep this, they then move to racism.
  • What is not seen in their ancestral group is this opinion. Our pagan ancestors were seen to welcome individuals in who were not part of the tribe, though yes they were inducted in. Tribalism is not bad, its the extreme tribalism, coupled with racism that is the problem here. We have seen individuals who do not conform to the ethnic group (race) being found to have been members of these tribes. While these were exceptions, it shows that our ancestors, for all their faults, were not isolationists. They were far less connected to different peoples than we were, obviously, but, outsiders were allowed in.
  • Judgements on sexuality, femininity, masculinity etc are seen filtered through an Abrahamic lenses. The Celts and Greeks for example had no qualms over same sex love, the Romans appeared to, and the Northern Germanic tribes may have if you were on the receiving, not giving end. What we see here is these individuals have not indeed followed the ways of their ancestors, but rather are mired in an admixture of Paganism and Abrahamic beliefs.
  • Anti-establishment and survivalist, and a distaste for modern society, go hand in hand with the belief of an apocalypse. This belief goes hand in hand with a hope that the superior race will come out on top (or as the only race). Its not helped when the most popular forms of entertainment in western media tend to perpetuate


So, yes indeed I’ve made myself aware of individuals and groups in this racist branch. I’ve done this, as a father to a young child, because I don’t want that hate near him, and if I am at a pagan event, that is possible, because these fuckers are everywhere. When I lived in the USA, the racists were less than 10% and easy to spot. Here? After I poked about groups, researched people. I’d say close to 50% of all Heathens and 25% of Pagans hold racialist to racist views.


What can I do? Well I stand fast against them I shine a light on them. Its funny how  they run and hide when that happens.


The Folk builder of the local AFA chapter, one Cameron Mottus, made a tactical mistake, he allowed himself to be interviewed by a journalist. The result was not to his tastes. He did indeed come across as a total racist crank. I certainly did not help either, I contacted the journalist, and talked with her, at length about what to look for, what to read (see Gods of the Blood), and how reasonable Heathens behave. The result? Well the AFA Kin disbanded, and members are in hiding. Rather the local (Wellington Region) Scum, are now the active members. Even then they have a problem, the New Zealand government is investigating these hate groups. Many of them are going into hiding themselves.


We shall see how this goes.

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