On eating Sins



There is a an episode of the Highlander Television Series called “Something Wicked”. A somewhat enjoyable television show from the 1990s. The story involves a First Nations Shaman, known as Coltec, who as an immortal has taken it on himself to “eat the sins” of evil immortals he kills. This is very loosely based on the concept of being a sin-eater.


The idea of being a sin-eater is something that has been pushed in modern culture, and through folklore. In some versions, the role of the eater of sins, was to absorb the wrong of others, carrying their sin, hate, pain, allowing these others to walk free from the consequences. It can be pushed further to encompass those doing the black work of some special operations groups. Doing something that was usually morally indefensible, because it was necessary. William Churchill commissioned his “Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare”, the Special Operations Executive (SOE). Because the Allies knew that a few people doing the bad (black) work, saved the majority.


What does this to do with my blog?


Over the years, I admit I’ve undertaken the role of “ungentlemanly warfare” or Sin-Eating, for the greater good of communities. Most recently I have worked to contain, neutralize, or otherwise remove some people, who would bring great harm to people in the Martial arts, and or Pagan community. Today We talk about one in particular.


Lee Alexander Maurer. Aka Koga Yang, aka Lee Malice aka Cobra


Let’s put this out there right away. Lee Alexander Maurer is a felon. He served time from September 2011 to September 2015, convicted on delivery of controlled substances, and various firearms charges. He took a plea deal, to avoid the full extent of sentencing. By his own admission he has been involved in the drug trafficking, and distribution scene intermittently since his release. HE has also lost access to his two children. He was abusive to his wife, and when on drugs a danger to his entire family.


Lee came to my attention near the end of 2017. He had been just a typical poser in the Martial arts community, who I mostly was not concerned with, but he started showing up in the Pagan community. So, I decided to inform people of his lies. IT was a simple enough thing to do. This earned me death threats, then my family death threats. Anyone who knows me, knows that sort of behaviour is something that makes me not very friendly. I decided at that point, Mr Maurer was kind of on the list.


Jump into 2018, and Lee was not going away. If anything, he was getting worse. He had moved to another state with his girlfriend, and with in a day, managed to get himself, dumped, and on the street. What got him dumped? Abusive behaviour to the girlfriend’s mother, who was disabled and needing care. He managed to bum his way back to Detroit (where he was based), and continued to prey on pagans, and naive individuals. He also began to message women in an inappropriate manner.


He began to try and set up businesses, pretending his teacher had been a CIA agent, and a bodyguard, and various other martial arts related endeavours. His “teacher” suffers from dementia. I will not name him, but it is clear that Lee is abusing his relationship with this gentleman. Lee could not be licenced (as is required by the Michigan state laws) as a Bodyguard, as, being a felon, means he can never possess a firearm, let alone gain the requisite concealed carry permit.


In 2018, I infiltrated a number of his groups, for the purpose of seeing if I could find information to protect my communities (the Pagan community) from him. Somehow Lee thought I was doing so to become his friend. HE began to confide in me. He also introduced me to his new girlfriend of the moment. She and I soon came to an understanding. Lee was an abusive, manipulative individual who most likely was undiagnosed as being on the Antisocial personality disorder spectrum. I choose, to “eat the sins” of interacting with Lee, for the good of others. To do things, I would otherwise avoid. In the main, interacting with someone who I found abhorrent.


In late 2018, Lee was caught (on Facebook) propositioning an underage girl (15) who listed her age quite clearly in her account. Barron Shepard shared this information in several groups. Lee panicked. He messaged several people claiming evidence was fabricated. But at the same time, he deleted (permanently) his Facebook account, assuming he was destroying evidence of his interactions and misdeeds. He also quickly moved from Detroit MI, to Flint MI. Yes, you read that right. He willingly moved to a city; with water you do not dare drink. He lied to his girlfriend, that they were moving to a nice apartment, and that he had work. The fact was they moved to a condemned building, with no running water electricity was provided from a single electrical outlet for the entire building, and Lee had no work. They had no food either. Lee had no money. Though with in weeks, he joined a drug ring, at the lowest level. He would take packages to various places, to be portioned out, and delivered. He was not trusted with the drugs. His payment was usually in the form of drugs.


Le also became physically abusive to his girlfriend. He demanded that they engaged in a BDSM relationship (despite her total lack of interest), and told her as he beat her, women should submit. I began to encourage her to escape. I distracted Lee, with conspiracies over his enemies, and silly videos. I could not stop him raping her. He beat her with the metal end of a belt during this, on her private parts, and she still bares the scares. But I did distract him enough, that she managed to escape to another state. Thankfully Lee has no car or licence, so he had no way of physically following her. He did however send hundreds of messages, and phone calls, from spoofed (faked) numbers, to avoid her blocking attempts. I at this point, told him if he did not stop, I would give the authorities everything I knew. He forgot this, as we shall see.


Over the next few months, Lee had a series of girlfriends, most of whom seemed to be drug addicts. Most lasted a few days, Lee seemed mostly to be avoiding doing stupid things, so I just vaguely kept an eye on him.


His ex, who I had helped escape, did the brave thing (with my help to find a place to share her voice) of telling her story, to a martial arts instructor in Colorado and another in Florida. This has culminated in a video s word spreads again, as to how abusive Lee really is.


I also made the choice, of letting Lee know, I was not his friend, I had faked the whole thing. I had used well established infiltration techniques, to lull him into a sense of security, and tell me his life story. I did this for the good of others. I ate these sins, so others did not have too.


SO Lee, when you read this. I have documented it all. I have indeed passed on this information to others. One last message.









Waiter there is a Nazi in my spirituality ….



I keep coming across the myth that Germanic Paganism (aka heathenry) was reborn inside the National Socialist movement of the 1930s and 40s. People hold up the fact that heathen imagery was used by these pricks. Lets not mince words, the Nazis’ deserve no rest or respite. But also lets not misrepresent what happened.


Images are not a faith. IF that were the case, every person claiming to be Irish on St Patricks day, who has a bit of pagan imagery in their outfit, is reviving Celtic Paganism, on a far larger scale than the Nazi’s would have done for Heathenry IF they had attempted to do so.


Looking at where this myth comes from, its is the use of the Runes, along with the whole sale adoption of the Völkisch movement’s ideals. The whole Blood and soil (Blut und Boden) bullshit. Prior to the National Socialists, the Völkisch groups had begun to incorporate in mysticism, occultism, and was leaning towards a racist folkloric occultism. However, the goal was never to revere the old gods, revive the old cultural ways. Rather it was to create a national community of Germanic people a Volksgemeinschaft.


The esoteric groups involved included:


The Thule Society (of which Hess was the most prominent member). The Thule society was mainly interested in the Aryan race (not a part of Heathenism before conversion, it’s a modern concept), again not a rebirth of worship of the Old Gods.


The Vril society (based on a novel from 1871)


The Theosophical society. As Helena Blavatsky held deeply problematic ideas about Race.


Again investigating these groups, they don’t look even vaguely related to the modern or archaic heathen spiritualities.


To further muddy the waters Rudolph Hess and Heinrich Himmler were deeply involved in the esoteric movements. Himmler in particular is to blame for making it seem as if Nazism was a pagan movement. He introduced the use of the double Sig rune (using the Armanen runes, itself from the 1906 work of Guido von List, nothing older) as the symbol of the SS. He wanted to make the SS the new Teutonic Knights, a Christian order of knights from the Middle ages.


Thus, if you just look at symbology of the German National Socialist movement, you could be forgiven for mistaking them as Pagan. But the majority of these individuals were deeply Christian.


So how did Nazism get into modern heathenry?


That’s a Good question. Its convoluted, as all these things are.


In the late 1960s the first Odinist fellowship formed in the USA (where in the USA? Florida of course, where else?), it was founded by the Danish immigrant Else Christensen, and the fellowship was founded. That sounds harmless right? Well no. In 1985 she can be quoted as saying “We, as Odinists, shall continue our struggle for Aryan religion, Aryan freedom, Aryan culture, Aryan consciousness and Aryan self-determination.” The late Margot Adler deemed this Odinist revival to be “frankly racist, although they probably would have preferred the term ‘racialist’.” We see the term racialist again. The gateway drug to racism.


In the 1970’s groups like the Armanen-Orden (based in and around Germany) The Armanen order, who were Volkish, occult, and yes as you can guess by the name used Guido von List as inspiration). They are openly ethnonationalist and racialist and rejects race-mixing as a modern degeneration. AKA they are white nationalists.


Also in the 1970s the Odinic Right formed in the UK. At least once it has split down racial lines.


Then there is Steven McNallen. In the 1970s he created the “Viking Brotherhood” and claims to have coined the term Asatru. After a stint in the US army, he changed the name of the brotherhood to the Astaru Free Assembly (AFA, and that acronym seems to never go away). He also began to talk about metagenetics (See glossary)


So lets move to the AFA. of 1976 and 1993 it was the Asatru Free Assembly. Its been called a mixture of hippies and neo-Nazi’s. This caused problems, when the neo-Nazi members became threatening and violent. A member (a neo-Nazi) threatened to kill a gay member. McNallen while not openly a Nazi (but certainly racialist heading into racism) banned nazi symbols from AFA events. A stronger stance would be to remove the Nazi’s. But I digress. McNallen was and is unabashedly right wing. He at one point wrote f or Soldier of Fortune Magazine, and interviewed guerrilla groups. Convincing hum that Ethnicnationalism and ethnic separatism was the way. Over time it pretty much petered out to not existing.


In 1987 there was an attempt to create a larger Asatru network. The Asatru Alliance. Founded by Michael J Murray an ex member of the Odinist Fellowship.


In 1994, McNallen returned to being active in the US Pagan scene. He created a new group (the Calsa Kindred) and affiliated it with the Asatru Alliance. He claimed he formed this group because he was upset with the Troth, a Universlist Heathen group (ie they accepted people regardless of apparent ancestry), referring to the Troth as corrupt. He reformed the AFA as the new Asatru Folk Assembly. Making it an openly Volkish group. Which as of 2018 has earned it a listing as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.



Thus after a long round about way. THIS is how Nazi’s got into heathenry. They were let in, by those on the far right in the very late 1960s and early 1970s. Rather than Nazi’s were heathens. They kept quite quiet, until around 2000. In the last 19 years they have gotten progressively more noticeable.


What are you going to do about it?



Armanism. Again, its from von List, and its a racial religion premised on the concept of renouncing the imposed foreign creed of Christianity and returning to the pagan religions of the ancient Indo-Europeans


Metagenetics is the erroneous belief a people’s group religious and cultural experience over thousands of years becomes encoded into their DNA. Not only physical characteristics but information usually considered cultural, such as religion, is stored in the organic database of the genetic code. HE created metagenetics, to prove his idea that ones religion is based on ones ancestry. I do believe I might have talked about this before.