A wild racist appears



Last week I was posting in a Facebook group I enjoy. It’s a place that I thought was safe from the upswing in ethno-nationalism that is slowly spreading, like an infection inside paganism. I was wrong. The group had a small (perhaps two or three members out of a couple of hundred) but vocal Folkish membership. Like the infection heathenry has, it is generally young males, though they are clearly learning their beliefs from older men. Yes I am using the male pronoun here, as well I don’t seem to find many of the female Folkish sorts out in public. I have the suspicion this is because they are not allowed to be there in the FOlkjish movement.


This young idiot, is Cymric. He was born, and lives in the United Kingdom, and seems to hold onto the fallacy that the only way you can practice a “Celtic” flavoured form of paganism, is by being genetically “Celtic”. Yes he’s of the opinion that you gets something from your ancestry.


Now let me make it clear. If this was a living practice, of people who were part of a living Pagan “Celtic” culture, I’d agree. It would be cultural appropriation for those not living in that culture. Whats not true however is, that there is a living, pre-Chrisitian “Celtic” spiritual faith, faiths, or hell family tradition. Nope, not a single person today can claim that, and be honest.


Lets also be clear, this young idiot, is not claiming a survival, just that to be “Celtic” one must be “Celtic”. He refuses to engage in discussion on this matter. He refuses to acknowledge that in all likelihood his ancestors back for 30 to 45 generations (1000 to 1500 years back) were undeniably Christian. So, his Folkish faith, is not protecting a real people (folk/Volk). He has engaged in the fallacious idea all Volkish people fall into. A mythical, ideal, but non existent people are in danger of being overwhelmed. At 30 generations, you have about 1 billion ancestors. Let that sink in ONE BILLION, 1 000 000 000!


The young idiot also boldly claims to be an eco-Fascist (a member of the “eco-Gang”). As a New Zealander, I still have fresh in my mind images from the 15th of March this year, when an Australian National, who was also an avowed Eco-Fascist, who used some Heathen iconology, killed 51 innocents in two mosques, before being taken alive, by two policemen. Yes I am very biased against these scum. Eco-Fascists have no place in society.


So, saw this, and I witness this. My Reconstructive Celtic Pagan faith has an active, infection of the folkish sort. I will cut it out, and cauterise the wound, like a surgeon seeking out an infection, to save the whole.


When its not in your blood, no matter how hard you wish for it



Yesterday while taking a brain break from some things at work, I stuck my head into Facebook, and saw a friend sharing a group. My friend was aghast at such a group. You might get why when I talk about their headline description of themselves (Figure 1).


Figure 1

Ok so it’s a bit of a flag on race, then I saw their second bit of imagery (Figure 2), ahh there it is that word I love to rip into. Folkish (or Volkish).


Figure 2

Love your people? Which people? The existing Celtic Nations, who are predominantly Christian (and have been for hundreds of years)? People who claim to be Celtic and Pagan? Or are they all going to take a DNA test? Because that will end poorly of them.



And just like that I’m blogging on DNA and spirituality yet again.


Lets quickly recap what Folkishness. In reality we are talking about the Neo-völkisch movement, and it’s a dog whistle for white identity. I’ve yet to meet someone Folkish who is not far right (or third position), they take ideas from the original Völkisch movement, where in the 19th century there was an idea of the people (Volk/Folk) having an original nation (homeland). It’s a concept of nation/race/tirbe being the same thing. Or simply put its ethno-nationalist. Folkish groups have been limited till recently to the Christian Identity movement and the extreme right of the Heathen religions. In the last decade however its spread to other Indo-European reconstructive groups, most especially the Greeks. All these groups are in the very least Racialist (follow the blue hyperlinks folks). Racialism is the gateway drug to Racism. But in short, it’s the idea that the human species is naturally divided into distinct (and biologically different, in a meaningful way) races.


I’ve seen the racists sniffing at the edges of the “Celtic” spirituality for a while, but we’ve managed to beat them back for the most part. Generally, they get bored, and take up heathenry (sorry guys, we can’t legally drown them in bogs anymore).


Back to Daru. They have a wordier statement on who they are.


To rebuild our faith, the provide a place of worship for the Celtic Polytheistic people and to grow and promote the Druidic Order.

Our goal is to establish a Nemeton-Grove (Temple) in the New England Region of the United States. Eventually we dream of multiple Groves and Temples to provide a safe and established place of worship dedicated to the Celtic Faith, capable of Training and ordaining Druids, Vates and Bards. We plan to provide wedding ceremonies, as well as funerals, open festivals, Libraries and many other services for the polytheistic peoples.


The Term Daru comes from the same root as the word Druid, meaning Oak Knower. Daru, or Oak are strong rooted long lived trees that persevere and prosper, as will our faith once again under the Oak, under Daru.


As can be seen from this it is apparent they do not understand what the word Celtic means. SO a quick recap. The Celts were a people who once dominated western and central Europe (plus the Iberian peninsula) (See Figure 3).


Figure 3.

There are two ways to identify something as Celtic:

  1. Through archaeological remains, and I don’t mean biological ones, I mean cultural signs. The “Celtic” Culture had two phases.
    • The Hallstatt culture Which is considered to have been strong between 700 and 500BC)


  • The La Tène culture (that was see from about 450BCE and the 1st century BCE).
  1. Which again is broadly split into two groups (and for fun there are two different hypotheses on how to split them). There is the Insular Celtic Hypothesis which splits the languages into either Continental Celtic and Insular Celtic and there is the P-Celtic Hypothesis which splits them to Q-Celtic and P-Celtic. BOTH start with Proto-Celtic as a theoretical parent language.

Right notice the lack of talking about genetics, physical traits? That cuts most of the Folkish rhetoric out. Let me summarize the last few blogs on DNA I’ve done. There are no inherently ethnic mutations that give physical traits to a people. The end.


But this groups been smarter, they talk of ethnicity. Ethnicity is the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.


Right so they call them selves ethnically Celtic? Righto.


What does that mean? The Celtic Speaking (or Culturally Celtic) peoples were not united. The Romans beat the Gauls and the Brittons, because of this. Tribes did not see a united culture. Quod Erat Demonstrandum (sorry I had too) it may be shown that the idea of a “Celtic Ethnicity” is an anathema to these peoples. They stood as unique and separate at times. So its pretty bloody hard to describe this ethnicity.



One image they have created, tries to tie some of the names of the otherworld together (Figure 4), its ugly, and shows their racialist leanings.



Figure 4


In their own words when asked about the Etymology, they try to Link a bunch of words together to mean the same thing or show the same idea. NO etymology was used in their explanation to link the commone terms, but they certainly tried to tie in the Northern Germanic Álfheimr. Showing their links to the Folkish Heathen Movement. They mistakenly link the Low Land Scots language as a member of the Celtic group. Its not. It’s a Germanic Language. So I will give them points for the likely correct linkage of Elphame (elf home) with Álfheimr (Land of the Elves, or Elfland). But they fail, by the misunderstanding of what is and is not Celtic. Afterall this a group which “re-establish Celtic Polytheistic practices” . You need to know what is and is not Celtic first guys.


Right, next they have imagery of some Gaulish Gods, and an Irish one(Figure 5) Brigid is an Irish deity (and later Saint). It might be suggested she is a continuation of the Proto-European Dawn Goddess. For the Gauls it was probably Bricta or perhaps Sirona. The point here is that Daru are sloppy, for a group again, claiming to try and establish something. Ethnic identity orbits around these small things.


Figure 5

So its clear that the owners of Daru, are completely oblivious to the things that matter. They drape much of their imagery with Irish symbols (the Ogam they use was also used in the early Christian Period, not the Pagan).


So lets recap.


These people claim to be:

  • Folkish (and thus at least racialist).
  • Trying to reclaim a Celtic Polytheism (something that was never ever Uniform or universal)


Right so I put the last bit in. IF they truly were interested in reclaiming a Celtic Polytheism, their priests would be Druids. Not their whole religious movement. Certainly not an order either, that’s a modern monastic idea. Druidry and druidism can be conveniently used for a neopagan movement, but these people are trying to tell us they are ethnically clean (hah). Right so Druids were in one caste, Warriors in another, and the producers a third, and probably a 4th caste of the outcasts and slaves. Mot of the members would be producers, an elite few warriors, and a dedicated few the Druids. You earned the rank of Druid.


I will close this with a post these idiots have made, after a few of us came in and challenged them. Note the attacks on “Leftists”, “athiests” and for some reason “Satanists”. Figure 6


Figure 6




Madness is not a superpower



Recently I updated this blog about how I had been dealing with a predatory Marital Artist and Pagan, Lee Alexander Maurer. Time for an update.


Lee has pretty much fallen off the internet. Through the efforts of myself and others, he does not have a safe space online. I admit I have deliberately done this, as it reduces his ability to predate on others. Sadly its only reduce it.


Anyhow, Lee has burned all his bridges in pagan communities he is near, sadly that also only reduces his ability to damage people. But mitigation where you can’t negate.


One thing Lee did before he was driven off, was challenge a Martial Artist (Don Roley) to a fight. He Agreed in a video to trace to Colorado springs, and a date of March 8th 2020 was set.


Now, lets be clear 100%. No one involved expected this to happen. Lee has no ID, Lee has no transport, Lee has no money. He was 100% not intending on going through with the challenge. He even said so in a subsequent video. On top of this, he claimed that Don Roley was setting him up to the Police, or the Feds, or in one message to me the Masons.


Lee is mentally ill. He does have Bipolar disorder, which is unmedicated. BUT I also believe he has fallen somewhere in the Antisocial personality disorder spectrum. IF you read a high level description of this disorder you will find “Antisocial personality disorder is a mental condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others without any remorse. This behavior may cause problems in relationships or at work and is often criminal.Which describes Lee’s behaviour to a T.


It is unclear what causes this disorder. Though it probably has a genetic component (which is as yet undiscovered), it might also be brought about by abuse during the formative period of life. What is clear is there are several things are likely to occur with this disorder. Substance abuse (we will talk on this soon), being in prison (Lee spent a not insignificant period in federal prison in his 20s), joining Gangs (that’s what got him into prison), and more.


Treating Antisocial Personality Disorder is difficult. Its been found that people sometimes “grow out of the worst of it”, assuming they live into older age. Psychotherapy is also recommended, along with helping the people develop social skills, in a controlled environment. The problem with all of this, is the person needs to be treated for any associated conditions, and be detoxed from any substance abuse. This requires an individual willing to work with others. Lee to this point blames others for his own short comings.


So yesterday, a friend of mine, who is one of Lee’s exes, messaged me saying “Did you see lee copping out of his challenge?”. I had not, I had avoided everything but streamed music on line, due to work having a few issues to deal too. I looked as I went to sleep, and sure enough, Lee (or someone controlling his YouTube account) had messaged Don, bowing out of the match (I include the text at the end, I don’t have a screenshot). Lee admitted a couple of things.


  • Drug taking. He claims cocaine, but I am pretty sure he’s taken meth too.
  • That he’s lost weight due to drug abuse.


  • That he is to blame.

Sadly he’s not fully admitted what he’s doing and has done. He is blaming the drugs. He does not get, the drugs do not make you a bad person, they remove your inhibitions. You do things that if you were a functioning adult, you would never do. Lee however has never had impulse control.


So what has Lee done?


  • Drug related crimes, from being the lowest level mule in a Flint MI drug ring, to guns related charges, Lee has made a career out of selling poison and misery.
  • Abused his wife, and probably at least neglected his kids.
  • Abused girlfriends


HE blames drugs, he’s blamed a childhood of abuse, and I am sure he will blame my “betrayal” to some. I certainly have been approached by his associates and called names. Despite never swearing an oath I was anything but an observer.


Anyway, this is a cautionary tale. The world is full of predators. Look for the signs.


Text of Lee’s message to Don ROley.

Urban Warfare MMA MMA Kung Fu Combatives

There comes a point in a man’s life when he can no longer hide his drug addictions, weakness, sickness and bad health, as well as bad attitude. It’s been nearly five years since I’ve seen my children and it’s been eating at my soul for the last year as my drug addiction has progressed worse and worse to the point where I lost who I was, lost who I am, and became lost in life. I lost a lot of weight. I’m down to 125 pounds and martial arts is completely out of the question for me at this point. I don’t have any confidence in my ability to fight anybody, or anything, because my real battle is ahead of me which is my addiction to cocaine. I am respectfully bowing out of any future martial arts challenges, or matches, due to the fact that, number one, I’m not going to win, I barely have the strength to make it up and down the stairs let alone fight somebody, and number two I can’t barely even stand on My Own Strength. I can’t stand myself either but that’s for a later explanation. I hid my addiction for a long time and when my critics pointed it out, I became defensive, but it’s true I am battling a drug addiction that is slowly taking my life away from me and destroying everything I’ve ever loved. I have a pretty violent and traumatic past that I’m not going to go into at this point and 90 other things have led to my slow but steady fall into addiction to cocaine and opiates. I could falsely blame ex-girlfriends, I could blame my kids mom, or I can blame rival martial arts instructors. But none of that would be correct because in the end the fault lies on me 100%. Nobody made me pick up the drugs but myself, and it’s nobody’s fault, including my own, that I am struggling with my addictions and straight up struggling to stay alive. To my followers and friends in the martial arts I am sorry to disappoint all of you, but at the same time I have to do what is necessary to change my life for the better, and if I disappointed you, then maybe YOU should have worked harder on your own martial arts career, rather than trying to live vicariously through me and mine. Many people in the international fighting Arts associations were pushing me to do things I didn’t want to do and become something I didn’t want to become while the entire time I’ve been struggling with who I even am, due to the fact that I’m so badly addicted that I didn’t know up from down or left from right. In fact I’m not even going to think about the martial arts until I have at least one year clean under my belt, and I’m sorry I will not be in Colorado Springs, but I have got to fight for my life right now, and what anybody thinks about me is their business alone. I was never a Kung Fu Master, I was just a hobbyist with a unique fighting style and shitty past, but all that is dead in the water, until I have got my addiction under control. The only thing I will be fighting anytime in the near future is my addiction to drugs and my own crappy attitude. I’m fighting for my life, and at this point martial arts is no longer a part of me. At some point we must be honest with ourselves and realize just how badly we suck LOL. I will be working on my music rather than martial arts, and fighting for my life rather than fighting other instructors. This is the first time I’ve picked up a guitar and months and my fingers don’t want to work correctly but this is my best effort at this time. I am sorry to my fans supporters and followers because I failed you and you deserve better than me. I cannot be the Messiah of the black dragon fighting Society any longer. I can no longer live this way, and I can no longer entertain other people’s delusions. At the end of the day I’m a simple man that is struggling to stay alive and not die from my addiction to drugs. It breaks my heart to come out with this but I am being dead honest. My higher power has told me that it’s time to let all of the past go, focus on myself and try to get clean before I cause myself to expire. My own bad decisions have led me to this place and nobody but myself can pull myself out of this all I ask is that people give me my distance and if you want to support me go right ahead and support me but please don’t involve me in any more martial arts drama. I’m no longer interested in the black dragon fighting Society vs bullshit martial arts drama. I do not care anymore, and it’s no longer my business. If Frank Dux has a problem with BSMA then Frank Dux needs to take that up with BSMA. I am sorry but I am dropping out of the international fighting Arts Association black dragon fighting Society. Number one I’m too drug addicted to do them any good, number two, I’m done fighting other people’s battles for them. I’m not sure how much of a man this makes me, to admit all this stuff but it is what it is, and I have to get working on my recovery. first step is to be honest. I’m sorry, but not sorry if you know what I mean. I have to fix my life before I lose it. Get to NA meetings, and into Rehab.


The stink of racism sticks around



Recently in talking with people over ADFs issues, I saw one of the complaints was “racism”. I was a little surprised. In the 17 years I was there, ADF was not a place where you could be racist. There was bigotry sure. Isaac attacked Law enforcement and Soldiers famously, people at the right of the US political spectrum were attacked if they revealed that. I tried to fight that, but racism? No, really?


ADF as a pan Indo-European spiritual organization let you adopt the known and acceptable cultural ways of the various Indo-European peoples, but no others. I was always following Irish ways in ADF (since then the Gauls also have called me). I never saw a Tocharian, but did see Proto Indo-Europeans (a reconstructed mother culture to the Indo-Europeans, as we know nothing about the actual culture/cultures beyond good linguistic work).


Racism was just not a thing I remember.


But then I stop and think hard. When I joined ADF, the mix was mostly various Celtic cultural groups, some Roman, and Greek, and smidgen of Northern (Scandinavian) and Southern (mostly Anglo Saxon) Germanic. By the time I left (squeaking like a rat from a sinking ship perhaps?) the Scandinavian culture was the apparent predominant group. Sadly that has the risk of Folkishness coming in, like a raiding party on a dark night. Then I also remember, that many Greek Reconstructionists, are Nationalists.


So the accusation of racism. Hmm ok, yeah perhaps.


I saw in Sarah Ann Lawless’ now defunct safe space for survivors of pagan abuse (that was destroyed, by well the abusers) a recently ex ADF member, accuse the Arch Druid of racism to her African American partner. I know Drum a little, and that was a stretch for me, but talking to other long time members, it was a perhaps, perhaps not.


Still not enough for Racism? Nope.


Then talking to some significant members who left. I heard a story, of a member (who on further digging I KNEW to be a Folkish type, and had predicted would be an issue) go on a racist rant. One of Black men showing their “shit stained underwear” and that the person they were ultimately arguing with, needing to wear a Hajib. Wait what? Yep. It was confirmed by friends still in the Members only group.


The discussion? Surely that racist idiot got told off? Nope. No apparent sanctions. Rather the person who complained (a Clergy member, probably in good standing), was told it was an “interpersonal issue” and to get over it. She left. Then the guy who was the problem gloated, and said real conversations could now be had with all the Social Justice Warriors having left. Was he sanctioned. Nope.


So yes the stink of racism is there, and it will not wash out, not easily.


ADF, has a problem, its mostly white people, its mostly older white men in power. There are very few groups that fit that description that don’t lean to conservatism. I say this as a white guy, 2 and half ish years away from 50. I have gout (thanks Dad, you prick), and I don’t appreciate any form of bigotry, even if a person sees that its otherwise (oh say the attitude all cops are bad).


ADF, take the racism, burn it. Take the ashes, and fire it into a black hole. Its taken hold, and your actions, not stamping it down flat, mean, you are accepting it. I know its not your intention. But its your outcome.



That Y-Chromosome got around!

Back into the realm of DNA.


I have a habit of submitting my Ancestry.com DNA raw data to free sites, to see what I can glean. I am not worried about the data integrity as my whole damned Genome is publicly available (as I helped out with an academic project when I was trying to get into Bioinformatics) if you know the name of the data file. Anyway, Mytrueancestry.com gave a free preview into the Y and mtDNA haplogroups. I was intrigued because the original provider (Ancestry.com) made no reference to either thing.


Now wait, why am I talking about this? Well its to be illustrative of why these things are not as informative as they could be.


A quick recap.


My original tests showed me to be mostly of Irish/Scottish and North western European decent. Funnily Ancestry have reassessed their data, and I have a new map (Figure 1). But basically, Norway got added in. Not a shock (though 2% is very low, especially given one of the most recent clan surnames, MacLaclan supposedly is etymologically rom the Gaelic “loch-lann” meaning “fjord land” and was used as the Gaelic word for Norway.

NEw Acestry map

Figure 1: Updated Ancestry.com results


Moving on to first my Y-Haplogroup. It is apparently very broadly R1b1. More closely its R-M269 Yeah that’s not very informative. However it has it’s own Wikipedia page. In summary Figure 2 shows where its seen (and it’s a fairly broad area) most commonly. R-M269 is about 90% of Western Europe. I would hazard a guess; this is the first thing that caused my ethnic classification. The Rab halplogroup has the popular name of Oisin (O-Sheen). For some reason people like real names for haplogroups (it’s a long story, and I know why).


Haplogroup distribution

Figure 2. My halplogroup

Its presumed that this mutation came about around 5000 years ago. Many people have called the R1b1-haplogroup the “Celtic” halplogroup. There is a big fat problem with that. The Celts did not develop as a culture till around 1500 BCE, certainly not 5000 BCE. Many have assumed that its actually a marker of the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) influx, which does date to perhaps 5000 BCE.


Figure 3: R-M269 distribution

Basically, its not descriptive beyond the dominant culture of Europe.


Moving on to my mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) haplogroup. Its not clear at all from the SNPs they’ve looked at what it might be. The H haplogroup (named Helena by Bryan Sykes in his popular Book the Seven daughters of Eve. What form of H it takes, is unclear, it also happens to be the most common haplogroup in Europe? Haplogroup H is the most common mtDNA clade in Europe. It is found in approximately 41% of native Europeans. The lineage is also common in North Africa and the Middle East. All that tells me is that there was an influx of people just after the last ice age. No shit Sherlock, we have known this for years.


mT distribution

Figure 4 mtDNA results.


So I’ve just shown two very common ways the race obsessed folks like to talk about their DNA. I’ve also shown, that it does not say very much. Obviously my paternal line is almost certainly PIE in origin. I’d be shocked if it was not, given where my ancestors came from. But the PIE culture is not specific today. It includes groups these racist idiots don’t like. Slavs, Russians, etc. As for my Mt DNa? Well its even less informative.


Beware of race obsessed folk, who wave around DNA results, to prove how pure they are. What these results ARE useful for, is you can trace how the men have moved. (Figure 4). Good old R-M269) got around! He was not too picky on the mitochondrial haplogroup he hooked up with. As if, he did not think of these things? Nah…


Figure 5: “Dad got around eh?”


Ok in all seriousness I did get an interesting addition to my ancestral results. Mytrueancestry.com gave a correlation  to groups I might be related too in modern populations! Figure 6 shows this.


Closest related modern populations.JPG

Figure 6: Modern populations.


I take immense amusement at Orkney being top of the list. My first name was given to me my my mother for three reasons.


(a) She liked the Welsh Rugby player of the early 70s called Gareth Thomas (there have been several)

(b) She is a fan of the stories of King Arthur. She liked sir Gareth. One of the Orkney princes (who was most often the most chivalrous). I’ve unconsciously taken this to heart. I’ve been told by some people, that I’m too honorable (in the pejoritive), though I’ve also had “where is your honor” thrown at me, when I fight dirty. Can’t win them all ?

(c) My Grandmother had always said MacLachlan as “lords of the Isles” included Orkney.




A little (ADF) Archaeology and Sociology.

I’m going to take a different stance on my running commentary about ADF. Just to try and pick away at a few threads I’ve seen, for me, and for others.


ADF’s current woes appear to be a dissatisfaction over what appears to have been a coup by the Clergy council, to place themselves in a place of power over everyone else. For an Indo-European (IE) flavoured organization its an interesting observation people have made. So lets dig in. I’m not sure if this will be dynamite archaeology, or tooth pick and tooth brush archaeology, but screw it, lets do it.


ADF ostensibly claims to be a Pan Indo-European spiritual organization. By this they have claimed (though they keep changing their bloody stance on this) to be a mildly reconstructive Pagan organization, which tries to encompass the full spectrum of the “pagan” Indo-European peoples, and allow people to find a place to worship in some form of this Indo-European pan culture. These are my words, not theirs, fuck theirs, I don’t trust them to be more than weasel words… ok dynamite at this stage it is.


If you look at some of the older ideas about the Indo-European peoples, the idea of the Trifunctional Hypothesis states that the Indo-European peoples were split into three distinct functions:


  • Sovereignty (split into the formal Juridical and priestly, and the supernatural), ie the priests (Clergy)
  • Military i.e. the warriors and nobility


  • Producers Ruled by the first two.

This trifunctionality can sort of be seen in a number of the cultures though you might have to squint hard for some.


  • Indo-Iranian – Brahmin/Athravan, Kshatriyas/Rathaestar, Vaishyas
  • Roman – Flamines, Milites, Quirites
  • Celtic – Druids, Equites, Plebes (note these are Roman and Greek not Celtic language terms)
  • Anglo-Saxon – Gebedmen (prayer-men), Fyrdmen (army-men), Weorcmen (workmen)
  • Slavic – Volkhvs, Voin, Krestyanin/Smerd
  • Nordic – Earl, Churl, Thrall
  • Greece (Attica) – Eupatridae, Geomori, Demiurgi
  • Greece (Sparta) – Homoioi, Perioeci, Helots


So, lets look at this. The beef here seems to be that the Clergy, the supposed Priests have taken over running of things. This is illustrated by those who are dissatisfied by the fact that the Arc Druid (AD) and Vice Arch Druid (VAD) may only be held by folk who are Clergy. On top of that, the AD is the leader of the Clergy council. They see this as limiting the pool of potential leaders.

So, putting an IE hat on the gnashing and wailing of teeth is over the Priestly caste, being in charge. Which is odd, as they in some form almost always were (Druids, Brahmin, Athravan etc). SO from an IE point of view, its natural.


BUT taking the hat off, and being serious here. We are not in an Indo-European culture, even inside ADF.


I helped lead the warriors for a long time. BE it as the Chief, or a member of the Clergy council, or a senior voice in debates. The warriors were not nurtured, the warriors were feted as dogs by the leadership. The most we ever did on an organized basis was the damned warriors’ games at the annual meeting, and sorry folks those were a joke. Similarly, the producers were not a thing. ADF due to it’s neopagan roots, had embraced the idea of us all being our own clergy that Gerald Gardner had encouraged in the 1950s. What this was supposed to mean, is you (yes YOU) could commune with the gods, not needing a big muck muck clergy person telling you what to think, or say, or do. Sadly in most pagan orgs, it means you have an organisation of people who are of the mindset of “don’t tell me what to do”.


So with ADF, assuming you have done the dedicants program (and that’s a poor assumption as the adoption used to be less than 10% of the membership), we all sat in that upper caste. Ooops. So the idea of the Clergy taking over can be seen two ways.


  • The fuck are you talking about we are all clergy if we’ve done the dedicants program, and you needed to do that to hold many offices.


  • Yes indeed there is a movement towards elitism.


Elitism, that’s a dirty word to many pagans. Not me, but many. But the problem here is, and I can speak to this first hand, you can be road blocked towards the road to being Clergy. IF someone in the Clergy council dislikes you, or disagrees with your ideas, you are done, you can not proceed. My Initiates progress was held up, due to my higher education. When I submitted a paper (for a module to show reasoning, logic, and research)  from my Masters of Entrepreneurship (as I felt my science papers would be too hard for a layperson to follow, yes that’s arrogance, but based in experience), I felt that someone could follow. It was I know over 5000 words long, its was for the equivalent of a MBA after all. I was told it was not suitable, and to find something else. When I asked for ideas, I was basically shut down. So I went and wrote some others things, to show, reasoning, logic, that I could research, I was still shot down. I was either using the wrong form of APA citations (which as a professional scientist, I would never use), or my conclusions were wrong.


Basically, the then Preceptor (equivalent of head teacher) of the Clergy council, in charge of all of this, did not like me, or my writing. So I sat, for 5 years, not progressing in either the Generalists program, or the Initiates. Despite making appeals to others to intercede. I was told to cope. I was privately told “yes we see a problem, but be patient, we need her to move on”. Well I moved on first (then she did). I left ADF, disillusioned. I was actually more informed, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally, than those marking what I did. Again, yes that is my ego, but I have always tried to put my spiritual path into everyday action. I live my virtues, I fulfil my oaths, and I mentor my students.


Long couple of paragraphs later. ADF made a concerted effort to keep many of us out of a place of potential power.


So back to the theme of the blog. The peasants are revolting.


You have the vast majority of the ADF membership being seen as the producers (insert a term that suits) and a small, handpicked elite of Clergy, from which leaders could come. Not only was this elite a small group, it contained people who had been “grandfathered” in from prior to the Clergy qualifications being formalized. It was basically full of Isaacs old drinking buddies. This can be seen from those who have held positions in the 17 years I was in the organization. The best a n00by could hope for, would be to some how get a Non-Officer Director (NOD) position in the mother grove, or perhaps the Members Advocate position (its non-voting, but you do get to witness things, for good or ill).


Lets add to an observation I can’t back up, that the majority of ADF seems to be leaning towards a Germanic (Northern mostly, so Scandinavian) spirituality. These cultures did not have an overt priestly caste, and much of the (judicial) power was in the hands of the Kings/Chiefs. Lets take this a step further, the English culture (even in the guise of the British Empire) from which the vast majority of ADF members can trace, is Germanic. Thus, the idea of a bunch of priests, taking over, is an anathema.


ADF has found its self in a position, of perchance being culturally (pagan Indo-European) correct in trying to place its judicial (and supernatural) power in the hands of the Clergy, but ethically dubious in doing so. Because again, we live in a modern world, where the Indo-European culture is not what we live, even if we try to.


So what can ADF Do? Well, that’s a great question. I don’t know they can fix it, short of burning down their organizational structure, and beginning anew. That’s not going to happen. Period. I wishy they could prove me wrong. But I include an organizational chart by a fellow blogger. For an organization barely over 1000 members, its weighted to the clergy, and also top heavy.ORg structure

Keep passing the open windows



So my previous pagan organization, Ar nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) is having a very public and messy implosion at the moment. IF you don’t know about 10% of their clergy (4 members) and an initiate (eh about 4% of them) have resigned their credentials (I think also resigned from ADF too, but that’s not as important) as well as at least two other clergy making supporting statements, and other leaders resigning, or stating their support.


What has them resigning? Well in summary

  • Cronyism
  • Lack of Transparency
  • A Flawed Organization
  • An indifference to racism
  • Open misogyny
  • Bullying or other abuse by leaders
  • A power play from the Clergy
  • Badly handling issues as they arise

This seems a bit familiar no? Ok in all seriousness the majority of these points have been raised by me when I left ADF late 2017 over how Scott Holbrook’s conviction was handled. I raised them again when dirty old Uncle Isaac was accused of child abuse. Funnily these are the two events that were cited as examples of being poorly handled. Who could imagine?


So here I sit, watching a new batch of ADF people wring their hands, in angst. I don’t mean this in any derogatory way. I mean this to describe how they are probably feeling. Their world in many ways is falling apart.


If any of them get here and Read this. I have a message for them.


It gets better.


Stay or Go. But do what is right for you. Do not judge those who do the other option. I received a lot of abuse when I left. I was part of the problem by leaving. IF stayed I could make it better (I laugh at this, one of the ones who said this, is now leaving). I repeat. Do what is right for you. That is what matters. No matter where you are, self-care is the first imperative, even if you have oaths to the otherwise. Because you can not help others, if you are incapable of helping yourself, and can’t function.


That’s it. Just do what is right for you.