When its not in your blood, no matter how hard you wish for it



Yesterday while taking a brain break from some things at work, I stuck my head into Facebook, and saw a friend sharing a group. My friend was aghast at such a group. You might get why when I talk about their headline description of themselves (Figure 1).


Figure 1

Ok so it’s a bit of a flag on race, then I saw their second bit of imagery (Figure 2), ahh there it is that word I love to rip into. Folkish (or Volkish).


Figure 2

Love your people? Which people? The existing Celtic Nations, who are predominantly Christian (and have been for hundreds of years)? People who claim to be Celtic and Pagan? Or are they all going to take a DNA test? Because that will end poorly of them.



And just like that I’m blogging on DNA and spirituality yet again.


Lets quickly recap what Folkishness. In reality we are talking about the Neo-völkisch movement, and it’s a dog whistle for white identity. I’ve yet to meet someone Folkish who is not far right (or third position), they take ideas from the original Völkisch movement, where in the 19th century there was an idea of the people (Volk/Folk) having an original nation (homeland). It’s a concept of nation/race/tirbe being the same thing. Or simply put its ethno-nationalist. Folkish groups have been limited till recently to the Christian Identity movement and the extreme right of the Heathen religions. In the last decade however its spread to other Indo-European reconstructive groups, most especially the Greeks. All these groups are in the very least Racialist (follow the blue hyperlinks folks). Racialism is the gateway drug to Racism. But in short, it’s the idea that the human species is naturally divided into distinct (and biologically different, in a meaningful way) races.


I’ve seen the racists sniffing at the edges of the “Celtic” spirituality for a while, but we’ve managed to beat them back for the most part. Generally, they get bored, and take up heathenry (sorry guys, we can’t legally drown them in bogs anymore).


Back to Daru. They have a wordier statement on who they are.


To rebuild our faith, the provide a place of worship for the Celtic Polytheistic people and to grow and promote the Druidic Order.

Our goal is to establish a Nemeton-Grove (Temple) in the New England Region of the United States. Eventually we dream of multiple Groves and Temples to provide a safe and established place of worship dedicated to the Celtic Faith, capable of Training and ordaining Druids, Vates and Bards. We plan to provide wedding ceremonies, as well as funerals, open festivals, Libraries and many other services for the polytheistic peoples.


The Term Daru comes from the same root as the word Druid, meaning Oak Knower. Daru, or Oak are strong rooted long lived trees that persevere and prosper, as will our faith once again under the Oak, under Daru.


As can be seen from this it is apparent they do not understand what the word Celtic means. SO a quick recap. The Celts were a people who once dominated western and central Europe (plus the Iberian peninsula) (See Figure 3).


Figure 3.

There are two ways to identify something as Celtic:

  1. Through archaeological remains, and I don’t mean biological ones, I mean cultural signs. The “Celtic” Culture had two phases.
    • The Hallstatt culture Which is considered to have been strong between 700 and 500BC)


  • The La Tène culture (that was see from about 450BCE and the 1st century BCE).
  1. Which again is broadly split into two groups (and for fun there are two different hypotheses on how to split them). There is the Insular Celtic Hypothesis which splits the languages into either Continental Celtic and Insular Celtic and there is the P-Celtic Hypothesis which splits them to Q-Celtic and P-Celtic. BOTH start with Proto-Celtic as a theoretical parent language.

Right notice the lack of talking about genetics, physical traits? That cuts most of the Folkish rhetoric out. Let me summarize the last few blogs on DNA I’ve done. There are no inherently ethnic mutations that give physical traits to a people. The end.


But this groups been smarter, they talk of ethnicity. Ethnicity is the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.


Right so they call them selves ethnically Celtic? Righto.


What does that mean? The Celtic Speaking (or Culturally Celtic) peoples were not united. The Romans beat the Gauls and the Brittons, because of this. Tribes did not see a united culture. Quod Erat Demonstrandum (sorry I had too) it may be shown that the idea of a “Celtic Ethnicity” is an anathema to these peoples. They stood as unique and separate at times. So its pretty bloody hard to describe this ethnicity.



One image they have created, tries to tie some of the names of the otherworld together (Figure 4), its ugly, and shows their racialist leanings.



Figure 4


In their own words when asked about the Etymology, they try to Link a bunch of words together to mean the same thing or show the same idea. NO etymology was used in their explanation to link the commone terms, but they certainly tried to tie in the Northern Germanic Álfheimr. Showing their links to the Folkish Heathen Movement. They mistakenly link the Low Land Scots language as a member of the Celtic group. Its not. It’s a Germanic Language. So I will give them points for the likely correct linkage of Elphame (elf home) with Álfheimr (Land of the Elves, or Elfland). But they fail, by the misunderstanding of what is and is not Celtic. Afterall this a group which “re-establish Celtic Polytheistic practices” . You need to know what is and is not Celtic first guys.


Right, next they have imagery of some Gaulish Gods, and an Irish one(Figure 5) Brigid is an Irish deity (and later Saint). It might be suggested she is a continuation of the Proto-European Dawn Goddess. For the Gauls it was probably Bricta or perhaps Sirona. The point here is that Daru are sloppy, for a group again, claiming to try and establish something. Ethnic identity orbits around these small things.


Figure 5

So its clear that the owners of Daru, are completely oblivious to the things that matter. They drape much of their imagery with Irish symbols (the Ogam they use was also used in the early Christian Period, not the Pagan).


So lets recap.


These people claim to be:

  • Folkish (and thus at least racialist).
  • Trying to reclaim a Celtic Polytheism (something that was never ever Uniform or universal)


Right so I put the last bit in. IF they truly were interested in reclaiming a Celtic Polytheism, their priests would be Druids. Not their whole religious movement. Certainly not an order either, that’s a modern monastic idea. Druidry and druidism can be conveniently used for a neopagan movement, but these people are trying to tell us they are ethnically clean (hah). Right so Druids were in one caste, Warriors in another, and the producers a third, and probably a 4th caste of the outcasts and slaves. Mot of the members would be producers, an elite few warriors, and a dedicated few the Druids. You earned the rank of Druid.


I will close this with a post these idiots have made, after a few of us came in and challenged them. Note the attacks on “Leftists”, “athiests” and for some reason “Satanists”. Figure 6


Figure 6




2 thoughts on “When its not in your blood, no matter how hard you wish for it

  1. Wasn’t there a study that showed in Scotland that the Highlanders were Anglo-Saxon instead of Pictish. That the Anglo-Saxon migrations took over the island of Britain? Therefore, what people think that their ancestry be based on place may be off as in Scots = Celts and Picts, not Anglo-Saxon. Or actually understanding that the English could be a mixture of Roman, Celts, Danish, and Anglo-Saxon, and Norman.

    • Noinden says:

      The Lowland Scots would be the ones with Anglo-Saxon blood. A more recent paper can be seen here (https://www.pnas.org/content/116/38/19064). But for Europeans there are three major componetns of the genetics. (a) Hunter Gatherers (who had black skin, and blue eyes) (b) The first Farmers (from around T urkey) and (c) The Indo-Europeans. You can break it down further, to include groups like picts or whatever. BUT its nit picking on differences. In the case of the Picts they were probably Celtic (mixed with the pre-Celtic Hunter gatherers or farmers of Britian) but language and culture was not Anglo-Saxon. Its too many 100’s of years different culturally for that distinction.

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