A wild racist appears



Last week I was posting in a Facebook group I enjoy. It’s a place that I thought was safe from the upswing in ethno-nationalism that is slowly spreading, like an infection inside paganism. I was wrong. The group had a small (perhaps two or three members out of a couple of hundred) but vocal Folkish membership. Like the infection heathenry has, it is generally young males, though they are clearly learning their beliefs from older men. Yes I am using the male pronoun here, as well I don’t seem to find many of the female Folkish sorts out in public. I have the suspicion this is because they are not allowed to be there in the FOlkjish movement.


This young idiot, is Cymric. He was born, and lives in the United Kingdom, and seems to hold onto the fallacy that the only way you can practice a “Celtic” flavoured form of paganism, is by being genetically “Celtic”. Yes he’s of the opinion that you gets something from your ancestry.


Now let me make it clear. If this was a living practice, of people who were part of a living Pagan “Celtic” culture, I’d agree. It would be cultural appropriation for those not living in that culture. Whats not true however is, that there is a living, pre-Chrisitian “Celtic” spiritual faith, faiths, or hell family tradition. Nope, not a single person today can claim that, and be honest.


Lets also be clear, this young idiot, is not claiming a survival, just that to be “Celtic” one must be “Celtic”. He refuses to engage in discussion on this matter. He refuses to acknowledge that in all likelihood his ancestors back for 30 to 45 generations (1000 to 1500 years back) were undeniably Christian. So, his Folkish faith, is not protecting a real people (folk/Volk). He has engaged in the fallacious idea all Volkish people fall into. A mythical, ideal, but non existent people are in danger of being overwhelmed. At 30 generations, you have about 1 billion ancestors. Let that sink in ONE BILLION, 1 000 000 000!


The young idiot also boldly claims to be an eco-Fascist (a member of the “eco-Gang”). As a New Zealander, I still have fresh in my mind images from the 15th of March this year, when an Australian National, who was also an avowed Eco-Fascist, who used some Heathen iconology, killed 51 innocents in two mosques, before being taken alive, by two policemen. Yes I am very biased against these scum. Eco-Fascists have no place in society.


So, saw this, and I witness this. My Reconstructive Celtic Pagan faith has an active, infection of the folkish sort. I will cut it out, and cauterise the wound, like a surgeon seeking out an infection, to save the whole.


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