A little knowledge is dangerous …

Its funny looking into a sub-culture from the outside. You can see things that look “normal” to them, that are bizarre to everyone else. Yes I am going to be judging them. I’m not a Christian, I’m under no spiritual compunction not to judge 😛


The sub culture in this case is the white power movement. They latch onto some odd ideas to justify their core idea of “white people are the pinnacle of human evolution and social evolution”.


One of the most ridiculous examples they use is lactose persistence. The ability to drink milk, as an adult, and not have digestive issues.


But lets take a step back. Somewhere in the last decade or so, white power types have co-opted aspects of the straight edge lifestyle.


The what?


Straight edge grew out of the punk subculture and its members refrain from using alcohol, tabacco, and other drugs. Some taking it even further to not partake in promiscuous sex, caffeine, or even prescription drugs, though this last part is uncommon. Many members are however vegan.
Well the white power movement was for a time bedevilled by alcohol and elicit drug abuse. Many of the white power gangs made money through selling drugs (like methamphetamine) and of course partook in their product. But since the rise of the Alt-right, probably before that even, its been encourage to abstain from alcohol (at least in public), illicit drugs, most certainly promiscuous sex (more on that soon). They’ve adopted drinking milk in public displays of homoerotica…uh I mean supremacy. Yeah “supremacy”…. Well take a look for yourselves.


White power ninnies

Yes that’s  right, these homophobic white men, strip shirtless, and chug milk, jump around, and slam into each other. Embacing their manly, milk digesting, superior selves.


But what made this subculture decide that the ability to drink milk is a sign of being superior? One of their members must have had some level of education, and read that you could trace the migration of animal herding peoples that might be the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) culture. They stopped reading pretty much around there as far as I can tell.


A Quick lesson


Lactase persistence (the ability to digest milk using the lactase enzyme into adulthood is not the norm for most mammals, including humans. However sometime between two thousand and twenty thousand (2 000 to 20 000) years ago there was a mutation in the MCM6 gene that allowed digestion (using the lactasae enzyme) of milk to hang around (that’s the persistence part). The cultural advantage of this was, you did not have to kill the milk (lacatase) bearing animals you had domesticated, you could drink milk, make cheese and butter, and have a mobile food source.


Pretty cool right? Wow, those PIE folks were superior as hell right?


Well you white power nit wit, I have bad news for you. There are at least six different mutations (all good old single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the MCM6 gene), further its not unique in any way to Europeans. Its seen in Central Asia and Africa (which contains 5 of the 6 mutation variants). Africans really have to wind the white power types up. But sorry boys, its there, and they appear to have evolved all by themselves.


I don’t expect these goose-stepping fools to listen, or read, let alone understand this. They see milk as a symbol of white (its literally that colour) purity. The ability to drink it as a sign of being more evolved, and well its non-intoxicating right? Oh wait….. Add to this, the idea that people who avoid milk (especially if they are “white”) are liberal idiots, they even have a name for them “Soy Boys”. What we have here is a political movement co-opting science, for its own needs.


Sadly for these individuals they conveniently ignore some hard facts.


While the idea of “race” as we know it is pretty much social, not scientific, you can group people into broad clumps. The interesting thing is that if you go back several thousand years, you do not see the “races” that racists think of. In Europe there are three major groups that met, and blended:


  • The Hunter Gatherers (HG) of the Paelo and Mesolithic.
  • The First Farmers of the Mesolithic, probably from Anatolia.
  • The Steppe Pastoralis probably out of the Eurasian Steppe. Oh these are the people most likely to be the PIE folk I’ve mentioned.



Figure 1: Hunter-Gatherer migration


The White power types always seem to want to be Hunter-Gatherers, thinking they are more manly, and primal. So lets talk about the HG peoples. Figure 1 shows how we believe they migrated int o Europe. You will notice the ice caps are on that map. These tough people were around near the end of the last Ice Age, and survived. They had blue eyes that account for 75% of the variation in blue eyes vs non-blue yes in modern Europeans. They had dark hair. What the racists will not like hearing is the next part, they had dark skin. Yes indeed, these were not white people. Bugger. This fact, when mentioned, causes racists to rant about Liberal academics, and that these folks could not have been white. What they don’t get, is anyone can test this, if they have the knowledge of how to an analyse the freely available ancient genome data.


Figure 2: Migration of the First Famers.


The First farmers probably came out of Anatolia (or the farming skills did). Figure 2 shows the general migratory path they may have taken. Please note that these folks still had some ice to deal with, but Europe was thawing. No unmixed groups of these people survive today, though modern-Sardinians have the highest percentages of that group in their makeup. These people mixed with the HG people to some extent, ultimately leading to the extinction of that way of life, but its unclear if this was because the HG folk took farming up, or the unmixed groups died out. What is clear is that there were probably only a few thousand HG folk in Europe, due to the way of life being intensive. There were many thousands of these first farmers.



Figure 3: Migrations of the Steppe Pastoralists.


The Steppe Pastoralist lifestyle came out of Eurasian steppe, and brought with it the beginnings of the Europe we know today. The Celts, Germans, Slavs, Italians, Greeks, etc can all traced to these pioneers. Its believed that somewhere on the Russian Steppes, the farmers mixed with the Hunter  gatherers of eastern Europe, to give the society call the Yamnaya culture, then around 5000 years ago, they entered Europe. Ultimately they replaced 90% of the farmers on Britain and 30% of those on the Iberian peninsula.


So the white power types all want to return to a hunter gather lifestyle (or be Vikings, not that they know what that means). So they need to darken their skin, stop drinking milk, oh and reduce their numbers a lot.


As for wanting to be Vikings. The job of Viking, was that just a job. On top of that, Vikings  tended to dress in a flashy manner, perfumed their hair, and beards, and gave control of their funds to their wives or mothers. They lived on an allowance. Oh and if their wife wanted a divorce? She just had to say it, and she got it. That’s not what the misogynistic Alt-right things now is it?


Ok last topic to tackle:


As I mentioned near the top. Part of some of the straight edge culture could include the lack of promiscuity. The white nationalist movement has grabbed this with both hands. They’re all about feminism killing the white race, and how a woman should be subservient to the male. But there is also the sub subculture, of the involuntary celibate (inCel). Not surprisingly a growing number of far right men, can’t get a relationship. This could be ascribed to a total inability to connect with women as people, but no, they claim it’s a feminist plot, to destroy the white race. ]


There you have it, the superior white male, who drinks milk, and wants to be a hunter gatherer and a Viking warrior, with subservient women, missing the point, milk digestion is not unique to the European, Vikings wore perfume and listened to their wife on matters of money, and the HG they idolize had dark skins. Chew on that boys.


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