That feeling of a coming storm?

So a lot of us have felt a coming storm for a number of years. Both Odin and herself ( An Morrigan) have been recruiting followers.

Well the current COVID 19 virus and likely recession ( or worse) counts as a storm. A shit storm if handled badly, a wild storm either way.

But it seems like we are here. What’s the play? Well for those of us who feel the call of being a Warrior I feel one mission is to stop the extremists raking hold. We’ve seen a rise in white lower types about as long as as psi and the Morrigan have been recruiting heavily. Sadly Me Wednesday seems to have grabbed some racists.

So what do we do?

Say no to bigotry

say no to abuse

Say no to just letting them be.

They want a war? Hi guys, you are u welcome. Keep moving. I hear the sun is nice this time of year.